TDEX App Privacy Policy

Every Individual should have an inalienable right to privacy.
In a world where technology is increasingly used to identify, monitor and track users, TDex App takes steps in the opposite direction.
The TDex app does not collect or share your information. That’s our policy in a nutshell.


Information we don’t collect

TDex App doesn’t store any identifying information about your device, such as your IP address or your user agents or your transactions.
TDEX App is designed so that it doesn’t store any information.
You don’t need a phone number, e-mail, or any information tied to your identity or your Liquid Assets to use the TDEX App.
TDEX App is private by default.

Information that are shared with TDEX App

If you use the TDEX App on your Android or iOS phone, Google or Apple might store information about how you use the app.
They can record when the app is closed, opened, how long you use it for, crash logs, and your device model. This usage information could also be associated with your Google or Apple account.
The only information that TDEX App receives is the number of downloads and crashes .
If you’re planning to use TDEX App on mobile, it’s worth reading Apple or Google’s privacy policies. If you’re using iOS, check out Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. For Android, read the User Data section of Google’s Developer Policy Center. Also, If you download TDEX app and install it manually with the apk from TDEX GitHub repository check GitHub Privacy Statement.

Furthermore, TDEX relies on as the data source of Liquid Blockchain by default, but you can change from Settings > Electrum server.

For FIAT amounts conversion it relies on CoinGecko public APIs.
Also TDEX App has no influence and/or awareness of if and how TDex Liquidity Providers collect or use data related to atomic swap transactions.
This policy is effective as of 6 May 2021

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