Company Incorporation and Crypto Licensing

Several businesses are currently building bridges with the legacy financial sector and therefore need to acquire a specific licence.

Choosing the best fitting license and jurisdiction for your business can be challenging and time consuming and an error can jeopardize the project.

Thanks to our team extensive experience we can manage the selection of the most suitable country, the incorporation procedure and licensing process based on the business model and objectives set by your company.

  • Selecting the right jurisdiction according to your plans
  • Establish a liaison with our legal partners that will follow your incorporation in the chosenĀ  jurisdiction
  • Identify the need for a specific license depending on business model and goals
  • Help your company obtain the relevant license
  • Provide services for accounting and tax compliance in the chosen jurisdiction (English language)
  • Countries we support include crypto friendly Malta, Switzerland, UK, Lithuania , Gibraltar, Estonia and many more
  • Provide key figures as directors when needed

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